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To provide answers and unique solutions to customer's needs, our Support team is always ready to provide any assistance. We understand that every company and reporting environment will have special needs. Our Support team exists to make best use of our products and our collective knowledge for your business.

From custom templates to on-demand data import and validation, we're here to help you make the best use of your time and produce the highest quality financial reports.

For support inquiries, email us at Customer Care.

Excel Based Tools Support

Note, for our Excel-based Tools, the most commonly encountered question relates to Macro security. If you purchase one of our Excel-based tools and the spreadsheet opens but none of the buttons work, you can be certain that the following steps will correct this:

Open the Excel program with a spreadsheet open (any spreadsheet).

  1. Click the 'Tools' menu and click the 'Options...' item. A window appears similar to the one below:
  2. Click the 'Security' Tab and then click the 'Macro Security...' button. A window appears similar to the one below:
  3. We recommend selecting to 'Medium' since this setting will prompt you to enable macros but will not allow any unsafe macros to run without your permission. Also, you can use the 'High' setting if you add our certificate to the Trusted Publishers list (trusting our certificate will also omit the 'Enable Macros' prompt when opening one of our Tools). The help screen for Excel describes how to do this and this topic is covered in our product documentation.
  4. Simply Click 'Ok' and close the currenly open spreadsheet and re-open one of our Tool workbooks and you should be fully functional.



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