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Need to Jump-start your Compliance Effort?

The FDICIA compliance effort is vast and can be overwhelming. Are you interested in our product and want key information entered for you, saving you time? For those who desire the data pre-filled and assembled, we offer the FDICIA Tool Jump Start Edition for $3,499 and includes a full license for the FDICIA Compliance Tool. This Edition also includes up to three hours per year of email-based consulting assistance, technical support and free updates as a part of the ongoing maintenance package.

We get you started by filling in commonly encountered information utilizing best-practices. We put the planning framework in place, allowing you to fill in your company's details. With this data in place, you can now focus on key tasks which saves you valuable time.

This Jump Start Edition is useful even if you have already completed FDICIA compliance but have not implemented a Top-Down, Risk-Based solution or have identified gaps in your planning and documentation in prior years.

The FDICIA Jump Start Edition has all the systems commonly seen in public companies (including accelerated and non-accelerated filers). The same documentation is also be useful for Private companies or non-corporate filers by simply skipping the SEC systems or by replacing the reporting details.

Following your order, we will provide you with a specific email contact and you will be asked to sign our professional services contract. We will then ship a CD to you with the pre-filled templates and all necessary files. You may then customize the pre-filled data and fill in company-specific data. The system list and steps will have been completed for you and after you review and customize this information, you will be ready to complete documentation and testing.

The Jump Start Edition Includes:

  • Identification of Major Systems from our experience with a varied selection of Financial Institutions
  • Basic Narratives for Major Systems
  • Multiple Steps or Processes for each System
  • One or more Risks identified for each Step
  • Usual Control(s) are Matched to the Risks Identified
  • Up to 3 hours per year of email based consulting help (with ongoing maintenance package)

The user will need to complete the following:

  • Review and finalize the Planning Section and each System, updating them for anything particular to your institution
  • Customize the provided narrative for each major system
  • Create any new systems to fit your institution
  • Review the Risks and Controls provided and modify as needed
  • Score each risk (1 to 10 in templates)
  • Determine if the design is appropriate (Y/N in templates)
  • Test Controls using the FDICIA Tool
  • Make Modifications and Re-Test, if needed
  • Evaluate the Results

This pre-filled data can save you valuable time and is especially helpful for those of you who need to begin the testing phase as soon as possible.

Should you require even more assistance, we are available for longer term consulting projects. Contact us at for a quote.

The full data set is quite large so downloads are not available except by special arrangement. The product is provided by CD shipment so please allow time for processing and shipping.

Ordering Information - Jump Start Edition

The FDICIA Tool Jump Start Edition is available for $3,499 (US Dollars, California Orders add Sales tax).

CD Delivery: Add $39.95 S&H to the purchase price.

There are three ways to complete the order for CD shipment:

1. Online payment: use the PayPal Buy Now button to purchase the Tool and pay via PayPal/credit card. We will then ship the CD after receiving the invoice.

2. FAX Form: Download the form using the below link and FAX to +1 (800) 706-2905. We will then enclose an invoice with your Tool.

3. Mail-in Form: Download the form using the below link and return by mail with a check payable to ProCognis, Inc. per the form.

Download Jump Start Order form Excel spreadsheet (31KB)


We apply our extensive knowledge of FDICIA compliance to your needs

Saves hundreds of hours of data entry

Includes our comprehensive FDICIA Tools

Jump starts your FDICIA Compliance efforts for only $3499!

Useful for Large and Small Public as well as Private Financial Institutions.

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